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    Consultask is utilizing its considerable experience and that of its founders in technical project management, software project management including the use of cutting edge software tools and methodologies. The company is offering its services as an external consultant to companies temporarily in need of such expertises, or on a regular basis.

    The pool of consultants available to Consultask not only allow to undertake technical project management tasks but also to consult in strategic management, turn-around management, system design and system development in technical projects in software development or process control engineering as well as automation projects.

R&D Feasibility and Development projects

  • setting up regional repair centres for high complexity, high volume electronic product manufacturers, such as set-top boxes, PDAs,Navigation Systems, POS terminals.
  • planning of large scale renewable energy utilization projects, seeking international and domestic funding, and leading feasibility study, startup phase

Design and execution of clinical validation studies

  • As the Consultask team has been involved in numerous validation studies related to its earlier image processing based innovative laboratory instrument development, the Team is offering its services to design clinical validation studies.
  • Depending on the specific field, proof-of-principal, internal and public medium and huge sample sized studies are designed by the team, involving the opinion of scientific consultants from the specific field. The studies, if relevant, follow WHO protocols and are double blinded, compared to gold standard methods.
  • The results are evaluated by biometrical statistical methods, depending on the expected outcome comparing sensitivity/specificity to gold standards, determining significance, predictive values and kappa coefficients where applicable.

A Technology Broker

    We are offering our services as an intermediary between an idea, a project, development or product and the industrial and commercial market players. We are also active in sourcing technology competencies for foreign companies and investors seeking to create development capacity in this region, using the abondance of technically highly trained labour force at an advantegeous cost level. The company’s management has considerable experience in planning and executing regional model based company setups, having managed restructuring of businesses in the technical area int he Czech Republic, Slovakia, with an outlook to the Balkan countries or Romania.