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The ancient Seditron.


Mr. Donát KISS,

Managing Director (60) is responsible for the strategy and operation of the Company. He is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector. Mr.Kiss founded several successful engineering, R&D, electronic service provider and technology consulting companies before setting up ConsultASK. He has been responsible for several long-term R&D projects in industrial data acquisition systems,imaging and medicalinstrumentation, consulting in project management and industrial application projects,setting up new industrial ventures and managing restructuring of ventures related to his previous. Mr. Kiss managed the establishment of the repair centre for Nokia handset repair, added logistic activity and established the Nokia Concept Store customer care networkin Hungary. He is a graduate of the Budapest University of Technology with degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and holds several post-graduate degrees in engineering and an MBA from Purdue University, USA.

Mr. Zsolt JAKAB,

CFO (47) is responsible for the establishment and operation of the ConsultASK financial reporting. Mr. Jakab was in charge of financial reporting at ASK Kft. and was CFO of ASK Industrial Systems Kft., two companies established by Mr. Kiss before becoming a co-founder of Mobil ASK. Mr. Jakab has a degree in Finance and Economics and an MBA from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences.


Technical Director (59) is responsible for leading technical projects and ensuring Quality Control. Ms. Czoboly was responsible for monitoring and enforcement of Nokia and ISO quality standards and streamlining workflow processes at the Repair HUBs, in MobilASK Group. Prior to co-founding Mobil ASK, Ms. Czoboly had over 15 years of experience in the management of technology projects including heading the R&D laboratory at ASK Ltd. and managing several consulting projects in imaging. Ms. Czoboly holds a PhD from Budapest University of Technology and a post-graduate degree in Informatics Management from Budapest University of Economic Sciences.

Mr. András FÖRDÕS,

CIO (61) is responsible for the IT communications infrastructure of ConsultASK. Prior to co-founding Mobil ASK, Mr. Fördõs worked as a software developer/programmer, IT project manager and IT consultant as part of ASK Kft. He designed all LAN and optical networks at Mobil ASK, the communications and monitoring systems connecting the Repair and Logistics divisions and the integrated business management and reporting systems of Mobil ASK. Mr. Fördõs holds an MSc from Budapest University of Technology in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Budapest University of Economic Sciences.