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Info about ANTE-NEAT

Posted  on 10th September ,2016

Project management and technical support in ANTE-NEAT project.

ANTE Innovative Technologies Ltd. conducts leading-edge technical development and offers complex services in specialized areas of measurement technology and control such as nuclear measurements with a special focus on optimizing data acquisition and processing, giving their clients all of the benefits of the most up-to-date technology while minimizing overhead and setup costs.
In this huge project from Q2 2014 to Q4 2015, ANTE has cooperated with the Institute of Nuclear Research ATOMKI, Debrecen and subcontractors such as National Instruments and ASK-M Ltd.

NEAT project

Design and production, including on-site installation, of a detector electronics system and detector mechanical supporting system for NEAT spectrometer at research nuclear centre, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin


Consult ASK provided

  • project management during the design and production phase of the project, supervising the choice of sub-contractors, contracting, design and production of mechanics, analog and digital electronics and software
  • Technical support in the field of analog and digital electronics and computer architecture design.