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The ancient Seditron.

Info about Us

Consultask is a spin-off company of ASK Ltd., which used to be an R&D company founded in 1987, active in different fields of image processing, such as medical diagnostic and industrial applications, instrument development system engineering as well as industrial automation and process control.

The developers and software authors use ConsultASK services for acquisition of new projects, sales and marketing, follow up of projects, project management, financial intermediary, etc.

ConsultASK employs former key members of ASK management, experienced in controlling, international project management.



Running projects

  • TB screener :
    development and field study design of automatic acid fast bacilii screener for fast and cost effective screening of tuberculosis (in international cooperation)

Projects in the past

  • Hematology : Feasibilty study of a hematology laboratory device.
  • Ante : Project management and technical support in ANTE-NEAT project
  • SolarGen : First Hungarian Commercial Solar Farm Building Company
  • development and setup of feasibility study/modelling of original renewable enrgy utilization project (including guiding the patenting process internationally)
  • Set-up and operation of NOKIA GSM Regional Service Centre
  • Large Scale pipeline automation project management (MMG-AM)
  • Software project management in different areas close to production (General Electric Lighting)
  • Joint project in applied algorithmic research used in laser beam textile cuttingmachine